Bethany: When We Met...

I was in a very relaxed period in my life...spending time off recouping...when James came along.  I wasn't looking for anything...just enjoying my special, rare period of relaxation. But when we met, I found myself enjoying talking with him and spending time with him. And that was it!  Things just happened! It was was easy... And I think that's how the best relationships start! You're not looking for anything and suddenly you realize, you really have something special together.

"You wanted me to love you when you said simply...reach out and touch me, my love is in your hands" - Teddy Pendergrass

- Bethany

James: How I Met Bethany White..
I had recently became single and decided to get back into dating. Since my time was limited, I had no intentions of getting into a committed relationship. I was quick to point out that I'm a very direct person. Bethany stole my heart. She did more for me mentally than anyone had done in my life. Bethany made me believe in love again and most importantly, the importance of family. I wanted this lady by my side...I wanted Bethany to be my wife. I never thought I would be this happy in life, but life surprises you when you're not trying to do anything special. I love Bethany with all I have and I'm proud she chose me to be her husband. In the words of Teddy Pendergrass, Bethany, "You're My Latest, My Greatest Inspiration"! I could write more about Bethany and I, but I would prefer to let our XCTIONS speak for us.  - James